A legible future to high speed with reliefs, incisions, photo, magnetic gangs, bar code, chips.
Applicable on forms, cards and special supports in continuous evolution.

Plasticard - Barcode reader
Complete line of readers for bar codes with technology CCD and Laser. Strong, economic, ergonomic and easy-to-use. Thanks to the quality and precision of reading to LED and Laser, to the interfacciabilità (emulation of keyboard, seriale RS-232.) and to the facility of planning (manual or by software through the serial port), the readers of the serious QuickScan represent the ideal solution both for points climbs and stores both for the automation of commercial and managerial procedures.

Ribbons, labels, Plastic Card, to plot magnetic and material of consumption available for every typology of printing Fargo / Eltron etc. transfer thermal Material and sublimation. Custodies handed to plot. A complete range to plot and fit badge to the press to thermal sublimation and the magnetic coding to norms ISO, for the total compatibility with readers of magnetic gang and you check preexisting accesses. Among our products you will find: Smart Card, to Plot White, to Plot Thin, to Plot Self-sticking (for smarts cards and proximity cards), Badge with magnetic gang HICO and gang magnetic Place.

Plasticard - Nastri, Etichette,..

Plasticard - C11 Card Printer
Plasticard - DTC 500 Card Printer
The range DTC (composed by the models DTC 510, DTC 520, DTC 515, DTC 525) it represents the synthesis of the experiences and the more technologies evolved to satisfy the more sophisticated demands of press and personalization of the Card. The line DTC 500 entire an enthusiastically series of innovations inherent functionalities, operatività, safety, interface, ribbons to elevated autonomy (400 color presses, 3000 presses black).
Double loader to plot
It stamps forehead / back
Safety lock on the loaders to plot

Two twin and independent loaders from 100 to plot each who they can contain 2 different types of Card (es. Visitatori/Dipendenti Aziendali. Subscriptions Standard/Ridotti).

It is the ideal solution for presses of data present variables on both the sides of the Card (es. photo and registry on the front. signature and other dates on the back).

The key stops the access to the stations of load preventing the access and the consequent possibility of manipulation of the to plot.

Slot for the manual feed of a single enrolls

Safety System SmartGuard
Safety System SmartShield
Thanks to the special slot it is possible to insert a single plot in the station of press without having to remove or to handle the plot present in the loader.
The starting and the operation of the printer happen only if an one man show smart card is present in the special station, preventing accordingly the use of the same printer to who unprovided of it was.

Always thanks to the same smart it is possible criptare a series of personalized images that they will appear printed in reflecting way to the ultraviolet light on the whole surface of the it enrolls reproducing the logo.

Thanks to the 4 lines of reading the display represents a valid help in every phase of press, settaggio, formulation.
Equal to 8 Mb it allows one more fast use of the resources of the personal computer.
Containing collector up to 100 plots

A system to double action effects the cleaning of every single it enrolls before the press..

The use of the resident fonts allows the interfacciamento with mainframe, AS/400, hosts.

The coding hico and place it allows the automatic personalization of the magnetic gangs.
Coding Smart Card
The smart card contact station allows the integration with the various forms for the personalization of the chips cards.

The printing Tattoo. Perfect match between technology and innovation. Thanks to the technological design highly, to the compactness and facility of use the Tattoo revolutionizes with these characteristics the world of the monochrome press on plastic papers. In the turn of few second the Tattoo personalizes in monochrome your pre-printed or white plastic papers (available eight colors of ribbon) or it allows you to stamp in high resolution texts, bar codes, graphs and loghi.
Compact Elegant MA: You Tattoo perfectly adjusts him to every environment. It owes his extreme compactness to the system" it Lifts Paper" that it allows the passage of the paper under the feeder, a completely new mechanism. The autonomy of which the printer is gifted also allows its operation absence of a computer: it is enough to connect it to a keyboard. You insert your data (name, number, bar code, coding) and it absolutely stamps your papers in independent way. This design so innovative it is ideal in the stores and in the receptions to the fairs.

Innovative: the Tattoo is endowed with a clever feeder papers separable. The mechanism allows that different series of papers are prepared at the same time. Another solution of the more revolutionary is constituted by an automatic measurer that analyzes the thickness of the papers during every change of theirs in the feeder. This last besides, once closed completely it is to test of impurity and therefore it guarantees an optimal maintenance of the papers to stamp.
Astute: the Tattoo offers a double simultaneous operational formality: the insertion manual paper for paper in the feeder from the frontal opening and the automatic position of 100 papers of the back.
Ergonomics: the system of opening allows a direct access inside the printer and makes the installation of the materials of very easy and fast consumption. The head can be replaced in few second by the operator without the help of some tool or adjustment thanks to the concept of Push & Twist:
Highly technological, but economic: the positioning of the printer in terms of price and cost for single stamped paper, ago him that the Tattoo introduces the good relationship price/quality on the market of the monochrome printers of plastic paper.

With his design, his new colors, his advance technology, the New Pebble is the more one clever printer of plastic papers of this generation. Invented and drawn for facilitating the press on plastic papers, the New Pebble it not only allows to stamp photo, logos, bar codes, signatures to high speed, but also to codify papers with magnetic gang, smart cards and contact-less cards.
The New Pebble is furnished complete of his/her driver Windows and of the software eMedia and it is easy-to-use as a printer from office. Any particular knowledge is not in demand technical of it of hardware for the installation: once connected the cable, enough simply clic for the installation of the software eMedia and of the driver, and, with only few adaptations, the printer immediately is ready to stamp papers in 16 million colors.

Endowed with clever concepts as his system facilitated of rapid installation of the materials of consumption as the head of press, that can be gotten off and reassembled in few second without some tools or regulation, and, anchor as his feeder with integrated weight or the level of varying thickness of the plastic papers, the New Pebble is currently the best product for the press of plastic papers.
Its modern line hides a great solidity with tall performances of production. Thanks to his technology of press to thermal transfer and sublimation of colors, besides his only system of cooling, the New Pebble produces in few second natural colors and you imagines with an exceptional definition, directly on the plastic papers.
Applicazione della card (fino a 4 pz. per ogni modulo formato UNI) a punti colla su modulo continuo
Stampa del modulo continuo e personalizzazione dello stesso: indirizzo, anagrafica, numerazione, bardcode
Personalizzazione contemporanea delle card per l'abbinamento dei dati sul modulo (zero rischi di errore)
Stampa delle buste per l'invio delle lettere/modulo


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