Plasticard - Lettori/Codificatori Magnetici

Available in version to 2 and 3 traces they can be connected to the PC in emulation of keyboard or by serial ports. I am able to read to high or low intensity the magnetic footsteps to plot formed ISO Standard.

1/2/3 traces are available in version to low or to high/low intensity of coding. They can write and to read to plot her and they connect him to the serial port of the PC. They are complete software of reading/writing.


Plasticard - Lettori/Scrittori Smart Card

Extern: law and writes Smart Card ISO 7816 - Interface seriale. Dimension 70x100x70, hang 660 grams. Compatibility with windows 3.11-95/98-NT.
Typology of installation Plug & Play. Furnished of series with some softwares of management what: Smart Card Explorer. Sim Surf GSM version light.
Micro: standard ISO 7816 - Interface seriale includes batteries NiMh without maintenance autoreload. Compatibility with windowa 3.11-95/98-NT. Typology of installation Plug & Play.

Plasticard - Verid - Lettori impronte digitali

It increases the Safety. Guardianship the Privacy: the reading of the digital imprint is dark the method certain to assure the instant identification of the person and to allow or to deny its access to determine areas. The readers of digital imprints Verid Plus, available in 3 versions, they are of simple use and installation and they can be used both stand-halo how on-line. Every unity, constituted by a strong metallic structure, it allows thanks to the suit devoted software and to the display integrated LCD, the memorization of the digital imprints and their filing in the inside graphic database. The verification of the imprint, happens through the comparison with those internally memorized. The range Verid Plus is composed from: Verid Plus with tastierino, Verid Plus with reader proximity.



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